Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Friday, March 24, 2006

Here's a little bit of a taste of the bass for you.

A preliminary version of some more of that seasonal shit. More hits, more fun.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


March 26th- competitive potluck @3341 S. Western 7pm

March 31st- Final Friday- Debut of the soundsystem- Discussion and percussion. Presentation and performance. 2065 W Coulter (at hoyne). 8pm

April 2nd- potluck at 3341

April 9th- potluck at 3341

April 15th- my birthday

April 16th- potluck at 3341 (Version06)

April 23rd- Jitney plays with Bret Gand is Dead and 2-3 more at Hideout. More information on the way Important- COMPETITIVE POTLUCK WILL TAKE PLACE AT HIDEOUT!!!!!!!!!

April 28th- Jitney + the scalpels @ south union arts center (Version 06)

April 30th- Brokedown Bunch begins residency at canal street market 7am-noon
+COMPETITIVE POTLUCK AT IRON STREET STUDIOS (Version06) for details of version fest

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Starting to get some stuff on the calendar, but not for a little while...

March 31st- Final Friday Presentation for our soundsystem at House of Payne in pilsen ( on coulter and hoyne. Probably at 8pm- -

May the new soundsystem be named and explained: the ideology, art and science. Follow us outside for a very public demonstration.
Consider the future... New shows in parks, streets and fairs. Confrontational celebration. Do you create counterculture? Is Canal Street Market somewhere you'd like to find yourself every sunday morning?>> Recruitment= Loud music, bootleggeds, zines, clothes and more. Contributions, contradictions and snappy comebacks to customers is what we're begging you for.

You won't believe the system until your demonstration. Thugs will cry and clubowners bumping crunk will die.

APRIL 28th- jitney + the scalpels at south union arts (on union just south of roosevelt). + a video program. This is gonna be part of VERSION 06 fest. The following sunday is ideally the beginning of the canal street bootlegged counterculture stand. Seriously get on that shit.

much love almightyscrabblor mccheese
if thepaulfitz the mayor of southchi

ps. March 20th antiwar parade? PuertoRican Day Division Street parade with a grade school? EVERY Sunday on canal? Mckinely Park? Marquette? Douglas? Some day a legit establishment? Stay tuned and contact us with suggestions, ideas and questions! party performance or dj invites?... no one ever offers us money it seems so lets not let it be an issue, son.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I've just completed my homemade gift for everyone to enjoy: Frankincense, Gold Fronts, and Myrrhder, a holiday themed DJ mix. Download at your leasure:

Part I

Part II

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Currently writing and building.

New 4track Xmas CDR-EP 'smoking bees on a steel pony' available now if you ask.

Dow Jones holiday mix on its way as well.

snokilla can be found hosting crunkaroake at louie's every saturday on north and paulina.

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